Project Diva Pretty Cure! F
Kanji Project Divaプリキュア! F
Rōmaji Project Diva purikyua! F
Main Info
Director User:Omegari
Studio Toei Animation
Episode Run 48-49
Opening Song Sono Ichibyou Slow Motion (That One Second Slow Motion)
Ending Song Hajimete No Oto (The First Sound)
Other Info
Series Theme Music
Project Diva F
Predecessor Tomodachi!☆Pretty Cure
Successor TBA

Project Diva Pretty Cure! F (Project Divaプリキュア! F , Project Diva purikyua! F) is a production series made by Crypton and Toei Animation. This series is all about Vocaloid and it's game, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F. It will include songs from the game.

Story Edit

Project Diva Pretty Cure! F Episodes

Only 6 voices can save the universe and it's music,but who may they be. Wll, normal humans must go to the next level of song, Vocaloid.

A girl and her friends must stop the evil forces of Solitary to protect music and pretty much all sound. Will their voices help? Or will they suffer defeat? Found out on this plot twisting series!

Characters Edit

  • Otoko Miwa (音子ミワ Otoko Miwa) is the main protagonist in this series. She loves song and online games. When she was 3, her parents showed her and her siblings vocaloid. She instantly fell in love. She always admired Miku till when she was 14. She fell in depression in middle school. She never loved music again. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Oto. (キュアオットー , Kyuaottō) She is the guardian of Future Sound.
  • Taiyohane Naru (太陽羽根なる Taiyōhane Naru) is another main protagonist in the series. She is a twin in her family with her brother Yang. She is a happy go lucky girl who loves to play music. When she listened to vocaloid, all she wanted was to be like Kagamine Rin. Her brother on the other hand like KAITO, but it didn't fit him well. When she heard Melancholic, she didn't know what it meant. But when she learned it, she instantly thought of her relationship with her family, bitter. That's how she became a Pretty Cure. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Melancholic. She is the guardian of Feelings for music.
  • Taiyohane Yang (太陽羽根ヤン Taiyōhane Yan) is the third and main protagonist in the series. He is a twin in his family with his sister Naru. He loves to play sports. But secretly, he also loves to listen to music. That's a connection with he and his sister. When he watched Vocaloid, he loved KAITO. Naru thought it didn't fit his persona, but he didn't care. When he grew up, he got tired of how KAITO gets the girls. Make them love him. Life never worked for him. Then he was in depression like his sister. He just wanted to burn and die. He then became a Pretty Cure, a boy Pretty Cure. Well, some sort of one. His Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Tachiagari. (治癒の上昇 , Cure Tachiagari) He is the guardian of a rising idol.
  • Tba...

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Minor Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This series contains songs from Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- Ƒ and Dreamy Theater 1 and 2nd.
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