A Melancholic Voice! Wait, another Pretty Cure?! (メランコリックな声!待って、別のプリキュア! , Merankorikku na koe ! Matte、betsu no Purikyua!) is the third episode of the Project Diva Pretty Cure! F series.

Preview Edit

Wow, it's great to be the only precure! Or, is it?*she sighs*I really would like a partner. EH?! There's someone out there with a vocaloid voice like me?! Yosh! Who has the Melancholic voice? And what is out there to destroy us?! Find out on "A Melancholic Voice! Wait, another Pretty Cure?!"

??: I hope to see you there*she giggles*

Synopsis Edit

On the way to school, Miwa is talking to Sound about her last battle and how she did it "alone". Sound ignores the "alone" part. As Miwa was on the side of the school, she could hear singing. It sounded kind of sad, but it also sounded happy. Sound told Miwa not to worry about, but Miwa was sure that voice was special. She followed Sound's order and continued to do school.

Later that day, Miwa heard that same singing. This time, she felt like the person singing was crying. Miwa remembered sounds words, "ignore it". She did and was almost to home until a monster, Tone, attacked the city. Miwa went into action.

The girl singing watched the battle. Remember the twins Miwa bumped into in episode one? That girl was one of the twins, Kagamine Yin.

Miwa was getting beat up badly, so Yin tried to help. She got a garbage can and threw it at the monster. All it did was attract the monster, and make Tone hit Yin. Miwa was shocked of Yin's bravery. Yin got up badly damaged, but she sung a song that always helped her, "Melancholic". She remembers problems with her family. And so when she was little, she usually would go up stairs, listen to Melancholic, and eat dinner there.

Sound realized that she was wrong, and that Yin was special. She had one of the Vocaloid voices, Kagamine Rin. Sound went to Yin, and turned her phone into a Pretty Cure device. Yin transformed into Cure Melancholic.

"The First Twin! The song of Feelings, Cure Melancholic!"
最初のツイン! 感情の歌、キュアメランコリック!
Saisho no tsuin! Kanjō no uta, Kyua Merankorikku!
Yin, or Cure Melancholic, finished the monster off with her attack, Rhythm Wave.

In the end, the two went on VR and Yin performed.

Major Events Edit

  • Cure Melancholic is born.
  • Cure Melancholic uses her first, and new attack.
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