Etto、Polkka ? Atarashī Hajimari!
Project Diva Pretty Cure! F episode 1
ええと、Polkka ? 新しい 始まり !
"Uh, Polkka? A New Beginning!"
Air date June 2, 2018
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Opening Niji no Iro
Directed by User:OmegaPri
Written by User:OmegaPri
Uh, Polkka? A New Beginning! (ええと、Polkka ? 新しい 始まり ! , Etto 、 Polkka ? Atarashī Hajimari!) is the first episode of Project Diva Pretty Cure! F.

Story Edit

Hatsune Miwa is a young ordinary middle school girl. It shows her normal school life. Then it showed the villains of the series. They found out that Miwa has the vocaloid power, or voice. So the "Master" sends two villains, Kai and Dai, with some help of Gusto, to planet earth for the retrieving of the voice. Gusto disguises as an man and gives Miwa music. It really was just horrible sound. That triggered Gusto into his monster form. The Kai and Dai came. They almost trap Miwa but she got away. Her phone was saying "Do you accept" this. It meant do you accept the Vocaloid power. She didn't understand but said yes anyways. She then turned into Cure Oto. Her phone turned into a transformation device and a mascot popped out. Now Miwa has to fight the Villains.

Major Events Edit

  • They introduce Hatsune Miwa.
  • They also introduce some of the major Villains, like Kai and Dai.
  • Miwa transforms into Cure Oto.

Characters Edit

Pretty Cures Edit

Mascots Edit

  • Myu

Villains Edit

  • Tba...

Trivia Edit

  • Instead of an ordinary Pink Cure to transform first, it's a Blue Cure.
  • The series doesn't reveal the Mascot's name in this first episode.
  • They don't reveal the main villain's name.
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